March 8, 2010

The Vancouver Athletes Village!

Over the past three and a half months I have been from Australia to America to Europe to America and finally the time has come I am here in Canada ready to compete at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Paralympics.

The fun has begun!

Firstly let me go back a bit... over the past week we have been based in Aspen, Colorado where I have had some really solid training. Eric, my guide and I are really excited with where we are, everything is coming together perfectly. The weather in Aspen was magnificent, blue sky days and very warm, it’s been nice to finish training with warm hands and feet as opposed to being numb from the cold!
(On the chairlift at Buttermilk, Aspen. Photo courtesy of Zuzanna Productions)

Whilst also here Eric and I received our medals for finishing third in the World Cup Overall Slalom title which was a great achievement considering we have now only raced in 6 Slalom races!
(Eric and I on the podum)

Yesterday we started on our journey bright and early as we headed from Aspen to Denver International Airport for our flight to Vancouver. My first accomplishment was managing to fit ALL my gear into the bags I have! An extra sports bag purchased from Walmart was the saviour I still don’t know how I managed to squeeze it all in but none the less it is on its way to meet me at Whistler with only a suitcase allowed for the journey from Aspen to Whistler. The 3 hour drive was followed by a 3 hour wait at the airport for our 2.5 hour flight, this meant a long day doing not much, the free wireless providing the one glimpse of excitement in our transit. Arriving in late it was straight to bed ready for a day off to roam around Vancouver.

Eric and I decided to make the most of our Paralympic experience by checking out the Vancouver Athletes Village, as the Alpine Skiing is based in Whistler this was our only chance to check out the other accommodation (for Wheelchair ice Hockey and Curling teams).

(One of the entrances to the Vancouver Athletes Village)
(Apartments in the background with the 'Living Room' in the red barn)

Having lived in the Athletes Village during the Beijing Paralympics my expectations were high with what to expect. There were many similarities with security, the buildings, friendly people, landscaped gardens all reminding me of the Beijing Village. The ‘Living Room’ as they call it was by far my favourite part of the Village. A place where everyone can hang out and socialise, a chill out area filled with large screen TV’s, signature Vancouver 2010 pool tables, a miniature curling table, arcade games, a stage area, video games, bean bags, board games and of course a bar, not stocked with alcohol but with as much Vitamin water as the eye can see. Another cool idea was having all the athletes sign a big poster board so I chipped in with my own signature next to all the famous guys and gals from the Olympics! A great area I'm hoping Whistler is similar!

(Inside the 'Living Room')
(Playing some video games) (Chilling out in the huge bean bags)
(Adding my name to the Poster Wall)
(One of the funky seating areas)
(Playing the drums in Guitar Hero)
(One of the Art Deco walls)
(The mini curling table!)
Then of course there was the dining hall with a unique Canadian vibe to it. The usual masses of food and drink available and of course a McDonalds present. It was a lot of fun roaming around for awhile!
(McDonalds in the Village)
(The Dining Hall)

Tomorrow morning we drive to Whistler to check out our Athletes Village and to try on all our new uniforms! I can’t wait to get to Whistler to see and experience the Athletes Village and to catch up with all my other friends who are already there and of course to get back into training on the hill where the races will be held! :)


Have you heard about Telstra Hero Messages? It’s a great way for the public to send messages to anyone in the team or even send a group message. We can respond so feel free to send us some encouragement. We love getting the messages whilst we are training so hard and preparing for the big one!



  1. I work with your Mum, and have followed you both for some time.
    Your Mum said you have a big butt. Hahahahahaah

    Come on Ozzy Oi Oi Oi.
    I am Alistairs Mother Jeanette, whom you met inBj
    Keep up the good work.

    love JEANETTE

  2. Hi Jeanette!

    Yes I remember I hope you and Alistair are both well!

    You can tell Mum that its no wonder because I get it off her!

    Love Jess :)

  3. Congratulations and Happy Birthday for the 14th. Jess.

    Best wishes for the rest of the games
    We are both extremely proud of your efforts
    Love Rod and Mary... Say gooday to Doreen.....