April 25, 2010

No rest for the wicked...

There was no time for a break the deadline was on I had 3 weeks until the Australian Athletics Nationals and I needed to produce some qualifiers so I would be named into the Australian team for the Athletics World Championships to be held in Christchurch January 2011.

The day after my return from Vancouver I was on the train to Melbourne to head back to Olympic Park for a jumps session. It was great to see my coaches and teammates again. They were very excited to hear my stories and of course to see my medal! It was a very weird feeling to be back running and jumping my legs had been using a completely different method to go fast of late! After the first few strides down the grass everything seemed to click back, I had done this so much before that my body had automatically remembered what it was supposed to do even though it still felt weird.

I competed in the Victorian Open Athletics Championships just 2.5 days after I had arrived home and I won the long jump! This was great encouragement to me showing that although I was nowhere near my athletics fitness I hadn’t lost anything from all that skiing.

Next stop is the Go For 2&5 Athletics Australia National Championships in Perth!

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