July 22, 2012

40 days to go

When you hit the 40 days to go mark it becomes an interesting time in one’s preparation for a Paralympic Games. Training loads are still heavy yet the shift does begin to move into the pre-competition phase.  When you hit this point it starts to become exciting. I haven’t actually competed since the Victorian titles in March which means I’ve had 4 months of solid work in the gym and on the track for improvements and to finally get out on the run way  for a competition is great as I get to see how I have progressed.

At the moment I have started competing in some low key competitions as well as simulated competitions in the training environment whilst still completing around 12 training sessions a week comprising of things like long jump technique, sprint work and other running sessions, javelin technique and strength and conditioning.  Plenty of ice baths, osteopathy, physiotherapy, soft tissue work, dietician and sports psychology sessions thrown in and it’s easy to see how the days fly by.

With the increasing media coverage I have also had the pleasure of bringing my Vancouver Winter Paralympic medal out, reminiscing  all sorts of incredible memories and stories from the 2010 Winter Paralympics. The knowledge that on September 2 and 7 that opportunity once again presents itself for me to step onto the world stage to try and replicate those Vancouver results and experiences is spine chilling and it’s thoughts like these that get me pumped for London.

With every day that passes the excitement that is the Paralympic Games grows so stay tuned for things are stating to heat up!

(Winter training at Lakeside stadium)

 (Javelin training at Australian team camp, Brisbane)

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